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This site is primarily for archiving notable events in my life that I wish to share with family and friends. I will mainly post such events as to my education in my chosen profession. This site will hold no interest to anyone other than myself and serves only to document my advancement in my profession.

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Its been over a year since I put this web page up and I still have not come up with something to put here.


Microsoft Certification Courses
On August 30, 1999 I began taking evening courses to obtain a certificate in networking. The course was a five month long program consisting of six courses and six exams.

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Ivy Tech Community Collage
On August 23, 2010 I will began taking classes at Ivy Tech Community Collage to pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems Degree.

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Indiana Western Governors University
After the successful completion of an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems Degree from Ivy Tech I plan to transfer to WGU for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree.

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