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Storybook Dollhouse Cottage

by Greenleaf
Finished/Painted Finished/Unpainted Back View
Finished Kit Unpainted finished kit with the provided furniture The back of the cottage

Building the Dollhouse

The Kit

The Kit

This is what the kit looks like when you open the box

The kit contains wood panels with precut parts that you push out to assemble. Figure 1b shows a panel with the pieces already removed, the bay windows and front door pieces to the side.

Wood Panels
Fig 1a <=Click photos for larger picture Fig 1b
Floor and Front Walls

I began by assembling the front walls to the porch. The front wall with the door and bay window was glued to the porch and then attached to the floor. The short wall and ceiling brace were then glued into place.You can see the tabs on the floor which fit into the walls. These tabs slid into slots that had to be filled in with putty for a smooth surface on the outer walls.

Floor and Front Walls
Fig 2 <=Click photos for larger picture=> Fig 3

I then attached the two end walls and upper floor. This was a tricky maneuver as the floor had tabs that protruded through the attic windows. These tabs formed the window ledge on the outside of the house. I had to insert the floor at a 45 degree angle and then drop it into place through the front wall attic window first. I then rotated the two end walls to snap into place before I glued them to the bottom floor. The pressure on the tabs while doing so caused one to split. In hindsight I would have cut these tabs off and glue them back in after I assembled the walls and attic floor. You can see the tabs clearly in figure 7.

Inside of the Cottage
Fig 4 <=Click photos for larger picture=> Fig 5
Front Bay Window

Next I assembled the bay windows. The window frames were held in by tabs that fit into slots on the top and bottom support trims.

Large Bay Window
Fig 6 <=Click photos for larger picture=> Fig 7
Front Bay Window

In these photos of the finished bay windows you can see clearly the tabs which fitted through the attic windows. The side bay window called the large bay window in the instructions ran down to the inside floor whereas the small or front bay window did not. You can see this from the interior in figure 5 above.

Large Bay Window
Fig 8 <=Click photos for larger picture=> Fig 9

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