It has been said that the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is the introductory first line. A fairy tale starts off with "Once upon a time … " whereas a sea story starts off with "this ain't no shit… "

My sea stories are collections of third party witness accounts as well as my own recollection. I made no effort in validating the actual occurrence as this would make the sea story a fairy tale and quite possibly boring. The gist of the story is factual with embellishments scattered here and there as I try to piece together the events that took place over thirty years ago. To summarize: I quote the popular 50 and 60s program 'Dragnet". "Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent." Really! This ain't no shit!

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Operation Frequent Wind

Evacuation OF SAIGON

On April 22 the USS Oklahoma City arrived in the South China Seas to join Task Group 76 for Operation Frequent Wind. I was surprised to find that even though the Okie Boat was the Seventh Fleet Flagship at the time there is very little information on her role in the evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam. As the imminent collapse of Saigon became evident....

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The Domain of Neptunus Rex


Naval traditions have passed down the ages into the modern Navy. Even traditions that were born from superstitions are observed today. Certificates are awarded those who participate in some traditions. The acquisition of certificates to commemorate participation in those traditions, both official and unofficial, are a worthy Badge of Honor to display in picture frames on walls...

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